The Atlanta Section of IEEE’s award-winning Educational Activities Program builds connections between classroom science and its real world applications.  We demonstrate the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while having a little fun along the way.    The Atlanta Section’s Educational Activities is invested in inspiring the next generation of engineers to pursue STEM fields and helps to spark excitement about engineering through our STEM education programs.  Recent events include:

STEM Literacy Project

We are proud to be selected as a 2022 Constellation Community Champion for our STEM Literacy Project!  We donated over 200 books to 10 different schools throughout the Atlanta area.  By tying literacy and STEM together, children become strong readers while exploring topics that may spark their interest in STEM. 

Educational programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) — when coupled with literacy, reading, and comprehension skills — are critical in inspiring the innovators and inventors of tomorrow.  The strongest STEM educational programs interweave literacy-rich materials with hands-on investigation and experimentation.  Interested?  Contact Melody Richardson.

The Family Science Night (FSN) program demonstrates the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in our students’ daily lives.  Students attend with their families and engage in an evening of scientific learning with professional scientists and engineers from their community.

FSN gives the unique opportunity for students and their families to interact with a practicing scientist or engineer, thus being able to see how science affects their daily lives.  An example of the type of activities we do during FSN is “Reach like a Robot,”  where students construct a working robot arm out of common household items.

FSNs are free to the hosting school and all attendees.  Interested? Contact Melody Richardson.