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Review of Fault Bus Protection Schemes

December 7, 2021 @ 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Abstract: Protection schemes capable of detecting the failure of surge arresters and/or bushings on transformers have been applied by utilities to extend the transformer zone of protection, shorten the duration of line outages and improve system reliability. This scheme typically consists of an instantaneous overcurrent element utilizing one or more current transformer(s) connected in the earth fault path. This presentation will review the benefits, lessons learned and criteria to keep in mind when implementing a fault bus scheme. The response of microprocessor relays to various transient and fault scenarios will also be reviewed. Speaker(s): Jeff Brogdon, P.E., Agenda: 11:30 Check-in and Presentation Technology Check 11:45 Presentation 12:45 Q&A Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/280402