Subject: 2016 IEEE Atlanta Section Election Results

Dear Section Members,

Please join me in congratulating our new 2016 IEEE Atlanta Section Executive Officers!

Chair:  Theresa Brunasso

Vice – Chair:  Kristin Bing

Secretary: Benjamin Yang

Treasurer: Daniel Diaz

It has been my pleasure to serve the last two years as the Section Chair and I know that the new officers will do well in the coming year.  The full elections results are included at the end of this email.

Additionally, I would like to thank the Nomination Committee, Jill Gostin and Melody Richardson, for their assistance during the election process.

I wish you all a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Chase Battaglio

2014 – 2015 IEEE Atlanta Section Chair


Theresa Brunasso 90.2% 148 votes
Darwin Burks 9.7% 16 votes


Kristin Bing 43.6% 72 votes
Nicholas Mulkey 19.3% 32 votes
Clyde Lettsome 36.9% 61 votes


Wyman Williams 49.3% 81 votes
Benjamin Yang 50.6% 83 votes


Daniel Diaz-Lugo 65.0% 106 votes
Jacqueline Fairley 34.9% 57 votes



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