The Family Science Night (FSN) program demonstrates the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in our students’ daily lives.  Students attend with their families and engage in an evening of scientific learning with professional scientists and engineers from their community.

FSN gives the unique opportunity for students and their families to interact with a practicing scientist or engineer, thus being able to see how science affects their daily lives.  A couple of examples of the activities we do during FSN are “Reach like a Robot” and “The Five Points of Life.”  In “Reach like a Robot,” students construct a working robot arm out of common household items.

In “The Five Points of Life,” students explore the components that make up their blood and learn how those components can save a life.  No matter what activity is being done, each session is led by a professional and demonstrates its real world applications.

We are proud to partner with Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia Reptile Society, Georgia Mineral Society, and countless others to make these events possible.

To inquire about bringing a Family Science Night to your school, contact